domingo, 11 de enero de 2015

Washington here i go!

Today i would like to share with you this great news! The last month i had decided to apply for an internship in The Washington Center. The program is called Governors Program, but what is it? I made a project for my State (Guanajuato, near Mexico City), it is about something that i am developing... Tourism... but i had the great idea to combine my passions. My project is a fair called "Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development" It helps the poorest population of my State. I don't know where this idea came from, but i'm so excited because it will help my people! But lets talk about my application form, i was nervous, and i had to get my paperwork done from saturday to monday, and the next days i received my first email from The Washington Center about my acceptance!:D I am so excited that i'm counting every single day because i think this is a great opportunity for my future career, but i am a lil bit worried about the weather lol. I've never been before in the Capital, but i'm so excited i will soon. I know i will take advantage of this program! Can't wait! Washington here i go!
This is how my project looks like in english and spanish, lol!
You don't have any idea about how excited i was!

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