domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

On my way to Amsterdam - Bruges!

I told you it was my very first time in Europe, so i decided to visit Amsterdam and Bruges after Paris. The good thing is that i had met another stranger on the internet before, and now he had become a friend. This guy took me to some places in his beautiful country Belgium. The first days of january i decided to take an Eurolines bus, it was the most unconfortable thing i have ever tried, but it worth it, it was so cheap but it took so long, like 8 hours from Paris to Amsterdam, i have to say that night was like a nightmare, sadly, i noticed that i hadnt with me my camera, but i got ones. Amsterdam is beautiful, i mean the canals, the colors, the lights, the people were crossing the street by night with their bikes, it was kind of peaceful until i get into deep, lots of people having fun. I decided to get back to Paris, wish i could spend more time over there, but my friend was waiting for me and i decided to hurry up. After going back to Paris i took a train from Gare du nord to Lille, it was so fast and my friend decided to take me there. God i loved Brugges! It was almost the same as Amsterdanm but it was really peaceful. There i tasted the best chocolates in the world. Coca Cola, Wasabi, Confetti, Bacon! Wish i could be there again just to taste thos chocolates. I visited the cementery of the people who died in the second world war, it was huge, so sad... There was a little festival of sculptures made of ice. It was so cool! But let's take a look! Follow me on instagram: luiiso77 and Google+!
This was my ticket.
I swear i loved these places!
Cementery. This is so sad. :/
A dragon behind my back! :P
Ice Castle! :P
Happy times! :D
I love this picture and those buildings!
Having fun eh!
Lots of staris inside this building. Lol! But it was wirth it!
I want a Coca Cola chocolate!
Beautiful main square!
The bloody Christ.
This guy is my friend Jasper! :)

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