miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Sous le ciel de Paris

Two years ago, i had the chance to travel to Europe, it was my very first to time out of my country, and i was alone, but i wanted to visit that magical place! This first trip that i made it was when i had 20 years old, and i went alone, my parents freaked out about that idea, but i really wanted to go, i think that wasnt the worst feeling of my parents, probably was, because i stayed with a stranger, actually it was literally, i met this guy on the internet and we became a really good friends, and he lived like one hour from Paris, he lived in Cergy Saint Christophe... I was nervous too, but i was more excited. I remember when i was in the airport i couldnt call him, to pick me up at Charles de Gaulle International airport, it was 5 pm when i arrived and it was dark! I freaked out, but then i saw the face of that stranger called friend, so he took me to to his place, there you could see me with all my bags, the worst part was that i crossed the Chatelet Station, that is the conection among all the stations. His apartment was so tiny, and i we decided to stay home and dinner, i was so tired about my 12 hours inside the plane, we watched movies "Kill Bill" he was a huge fan of Tarantino, and you know what was the best part of my trip? My friend actually spoke spanish! He taught me how to use the Metro, he showed me the best places in Paris. You dont have any idea about how happy i felt, it was my favorite place, the place of my dreams, walked under the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, everything was awesome, i must say the winter weather sucks, but its Paris, i mean, all the lights, the places, Champs Elysees, everything, also i had the chance to visit the Catacombes, and i had a really beautiful view, the view between Bir Dukheim to Passy is just perfect! My heart stopped, it's just how i imagined Paris. The new years eve i decided to take a Batobus above the Seine, the people screaming, celebrating, the fireworks, i really loved that place! I have to say i get lost, but it was awesome, i walked among beautiful streets and gardens, and i was able to visit the Louvre without so many people! I would like to share every single moment that i lived there with you, and that feeling i felt in that city! I will never forget those days and that trip actually inspired me to travel, to keep exploring the world, to never give up and keep dreaming! I know someday i will go back to that magical place, but also i will travel around the rest of Europe!
"Smile" You're in Paris she said...
Ma cherie! :P
You can see how much i love that jacket... Lol!
Le mur de l'amour! Te amo in spanish!
The show was awesome!
Oh Mona Lisa!
And this is my friend Karim. :)
Place de la Concorde!
Louvre. :D
Amelir from Montmartre! :D
Sur La Seine!

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