viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

My very first time in the USA

I'm gonna start introducing myself. My name is Luis, i'm 22 years old, i'm from Mexico, and currently i am studying Tourism Management. I am well interested in travelling, reading books about history, tourism, and heritage. One of my favorite music is Electronic, classical, instrumental, even when i dont play any instrument, but if there's one i would like to learn to play would be the piano, i found really fascinating the sound of that instrument. But you may ask, who am i, and what am i doing here. Well this is my first post, and i would like to tell you about my adventures around the USA. I would like to start by showing some pictures about my very first time to the USA, it's been a great experience to me, where i spend my last summer, working and meeting cool people from other countries, and also i was able to travel. Here the evidence.
This is how everything started, i spent my first day in LA eating a chesse burger at In-N-Out! lol
This is how we look in our first day at work, have a Six Flags Day!
Must be so happy! :P

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