martes, 13 de enero de 2015

Waking up in Vegas!

When i finished my program, my friends and i decided to go to Las Vegas, but we couldn't go that time, so we decided to make that trip one month later. We spent 2 nights in Vegas. We took a greyhound bus and we arrived so early, it was dark iot was like 5 AM. We walked from Downtown Las Vegas to our hotel The Quad, we walked for almost 3 hours, out check i at the hotel was supposed until 1 PM so we decided to eat something and keep walking and exploring Vegas, i dont know how my feet could even bear that lol! The first night one of my friends and i decided to go outside and see how nightlife in Vegas was... We decided to go to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, it was expensive but we had a really good time! The last night we spent our time at The Crown, it was awesome because it was a beachclub in the rooftop, so i could see all the lights, the buildings... it was just awesome! I must confess that i never played any machine, i couldnt even know how they worked lol! I cannot describe how happy i was there, because i never thought that i could go there... I found fantastic how people in Vegas were, i mean, i always saw people playing and drinking enjoying the night, like they don't sleep, but actually its really inspiring, i mean, i got a great vibe, because of the lights, the people, the music, my friends, the people i met, everything was perfect, like you could do whatever you wanted or you could dream all night long! It was that adventurous feeling! The feeling that i want to live all my life!
Told ya it was dark! Downtown Las Vegas
It's Caesars Palace! :D
Strike the pose! lol There was a lot of people watching us!
Drai's Beachclub!
They caught me eating a burrito!
Playing Jenga at Stupidiotic.
See you soon Vegas!
Let's get started! :)

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